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The Beautiful

   Yup, we rolled that old double-wide construction trailer onto a lot on Lake Secession Road back in the summer of 2013. The two acre lot, generously donated by the McCalla family, and a “free” trailer was just the beginning of a project that would take much longer and cost more than anyone imagined at the time.

 After almost four years of slow but steady hard work the end is in sight. We built support posts and “Kool Sealed” the roof, replaced all the roof vents, sealed it again, and again. We ripped out most of the front exterior wall and built two new 20 foot exterior wall sections, each housing a new entry door and two new windows. Then we sided the entire exterior front wall of the building with OSB, Hardie board and decorative battens and painted it all a fresh mint green.

 Volunteers hauled truckloads of debris to the dump and we moved back inside. We wired, insulated, hung drywall, and painted and trimmed the new walls. Then we started on the bathrooms. Two tiny bathrooms were removed, and two new handicap accessible bathrooms were built. Of course, the new bathrooms and the hot water heater required reworking most of the plumbing. New toilets and donated sinks completed the restrooms. Another trip to the dump and we were ready move on.

   Now it was time we hire someone to clean out the well which was clogged with debris and install a member donated pump to provide running water.  Another big expense, but so far, so good. And all the newly installed plumbing held tight. Yeah!

 Back inside the old flooring was so dried out you could lift the tiles off the floor. So lift the tiles we did. We sanded, patched and painted 1300 square feet of plywood sub floor. The final checkerboard design is yet to be created and a coat of sealer will finish the job.

     We scored free cabinets that had been moved from somebody’s kitchen to their garage and finally out to the curb. They were sanded and painted and topped with Formica from the Habitat store. Add a donated stainless steel sink and faucet and a donated electric stove, more wiring (including 220 for the stove), a tiled back splash, vent fan, and the refrigerator from the firehouse and we now have a working kitchen.

     After another large deposit at the recycling facility this spring, the team moved back outdoors and built a beautiful 400 square foot deck that still needs steps, railings, and handicap ramp. But oops! For the moment we are out of funds. Money saved up for the Lake Secession Community Center over the years plus money from memberships and tee shirt sales and a generous donation from Rock Reinhart have kept us going so far, but we need another cash infusion. We could also use some new energy. The building committee that started with about 14 people soon dwindled to 4 or 5 volunteers. No wonder it has taken 4 years!


     We had heat during the winter, but the AC needs attention. We are looking for a HVAC specialist to take a look at our equipment. There are two separate units on the north side of the building, neither of which produces cold air at this time. Know anybody that can help us out?

     A couple hours of grading with a bulldozer, a few truckloads of gravel, and some serious landscaping and we will have a comfortable meeting place our association can be proud of. We want to thank everyone who worked at the building site or contributed cash or building materials. You know who you are. So take pride in our accomplishment. It could not have happened without you.



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Lake Secession  SC

The Beautiful
The Beautiful